Chinese Herb?

Chinese herbs, combined with acupuncture, have been prescribed for over a thousand years. Herbs, in the right formula, can maintain health and cure disease by restoring the balance of the yin-yang. Herbs are especially effective in maintaining health and treating chronic and stubborn diseases.

Most Chinese herbal treatments consist of preparations from plants that are known to be safe, provided they are prescribed by a qualified herbalist. In this clinic, a variety of herbal preparations including loose herbs (raw herbs to make a tea), tablets, capsules and granules are available to meet patients’ needs.

We offer herbal consultation and treatment if your condition doesn’t require acupuncture treatment.

Chinese Herbology


Chinese herbal preparations may include a single herb or a combination of herbs. The herbal formulas are as diverse and varied as the human ailments and conditions for which they are prescribed. In some cases, a herbal preparation may have a general indication and effectively treats that indication in all individuals. For example, there are herbs available for poor memory. Anyone who has a poor memory can take the herbs and benefit, irregardless of the cause of the memory loss.

Early in the development of Chinese Medicine, herbs were used individually or in simple combinations to treat a single problem or one symptom of a disease. Gradually, Chinese doctors realized that individuals had unique responses to herbs. Age, sex, lifestyle, and individual physical attributes can all affect the way a person responds to herbal therapy. An herbal treatment that may succeed in curing one person of a disorder might not be able to cure another with the same disorder. The human body is complex and seldom is a single herbal remedy able to restore the entire body’s balance. Single herbs generally treat only one aspect or symptom of a disorder. Herbal formulas created based on an individual’s unique conditions are needed to treat and restore the balance of the entire body.

At Acupuncture and Herbal Wellness Center, herbal preparations are prescribed after careful examination and evaluation of your distinctive condition.

Is it safe to take Chinese Herbal Preparations without a professional consultation?

It takes time for herbal effects to manifest because herbs are natural plants and are very gentle. If someone takes the wrong herb or herbs, the negative effects may not be apparent until some time later. Plus, herbs may interact with medications, so we suggest that it is safest to take Chinese Herbs after consulting with an herbal expert.